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🍹 How To Make a Non-Alcoholic Shandy + Three Other Throwback Mocktails

They’re the mocktails cocktail snobs love not to love, made with our nicest non-alc wines, beers and spirits. Drinking these? It’s basically punk. Dive in for recipes.

Wine(ish). Beer(ish). Spirit(ish). What am I talking about? Who knows half the time. Back to the point (there is one). In case you hadn’t noticed, non-alcoholic drinks are a thing. And we’ve got a fine and ever-changing selection right here on DRNKS. Because this topic is being listicle-d to death, we wanted to be your A-Grade student with the daggiest—but actually tastiest— mocktails we could think of. Aboriginal-owned Sobah ‘beer’ in a shandy? We love it. Lyre’s Coffee ‘ liqueur’ in an “Ex-presso” Martini? You got it. Get it.

Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza in a Rock Shandy
Shop Sobah Finger Lime Cerveza
Did you know the non-alc shandy already has its own name and that, in true daggy dad style, is called a 🤘 Rock Shandy 🍻.? I love a shandy. I’m a dad. It’s no secret. And it’s so easy! And also so refreshing. Especially with Sobah’s Finger Lime Cerveza, a Mexican-style zero-alc beer made from ‘gulalung’ (finger limes) sourced from Bundjalung country around Northern NSW and South East QLD. Sobah is, FYI, an awesome business run by an Aboriginal husband-wife team committed to promoting First Nations art, language and history. Important stuff to get behind and drink.

  • Pour half your Sobah into a glass.
  • Pour half squash into a glass.
  • That’s it, we’re done here :)
    Non Roast Beetroot and Sansho in a Bloody Mary 
    Shop Non Roast Beetroot and Sansho
    A spritzy, booze-free Bloody Mary, what are you crazy? Maybe. But I back this. Non’s elevator pitch is wine-esque with 0% alcohol and interesting, complex flavours. This Roast Beetroot and Sansho number is a good alternative to sparkling shiraz and super nice chilled on its own. If you’re feeling spicy this weekend, try a Bloody Mary. The whole savoury charred leather, beet, black pepper, bay leaf, tamari thing going on makes it a good thing.

  • Add your Non, tomato juice, Worcestershire, lime juice and Sriracha to a high ball.
  • Season with pepper and salt.
  • Give it a stir.
  • Finish with your celery and beetroot garnishes.

  • Monceau Pear P
    ét Nat in a Peach Bellini
    Shop Monceau Pear Pét Nat
    If you don’t love bellinis, you should try this. If you love bellinis, own it, they’re extra and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Monceau’s Pét Nat Kombucha is made from real life fresh pears from West Gippsland and a few Fuji apples. They use a double fermentation method borrowed from pétillant naturel winemaking, making it naturally fizzy and more complex than a *regular* kombucha with some sour flavours for balance. Channel your Byron Bay meets Housewives of Melbourne alter ego like this:

  • Add some peach and/or pear puree to a champagne glass.
  • Top with Monceau. How easy.

  • Lyre’s Coffee Originale in an Ex-Spresso Martini
    Shop Lyre’s Coffee Originale
    Espresso Martinis have become the poster child of caffeinated naff, which is exactly why you should drink this. As with the bellini, live it, love it, own it. Impress your friends by getting professional with a cocktail shaker while you’re at it. They’ll think it’s so cool. Lyre’s is great too. Super high-quality stuff, not too sweet. Do it with their vegan, gluten free recipe:

  • Dry shake 45ml Lyre’s Coffee Originale, their White Cane Spirit (we like to use their dark), 45ml cold drip coffee, 10ml vanilla syrup or any sweetener you’ve got at home—like maple or honey.
  • Add ice and shake again.
  • Strain and serve.

  • Seedlip Grove 42 in a Lychee Martini 
    Shop Seedlip Grove 42
    Come with me, we’re leaning further into this martini thing. We’re going out with a banger. And we’re taking it to the trailer park with a blender. Cocktails in blenders = genius. This cocktail = early 2000s delicious. Throw in some Seedlip Grove 42 and you’ve got all kinds of mandarin peel, ginger and lemongrass going on 💅

  • Whizz a can of lychees—fruit and juice—and 45ml Grove 42 in a blender with ice.
  • Pour it in a martini glass. Can you believe it’s all so easy?