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Hi. How's it going? We're DRNKS. We send wine + not wine all over Australia. You're welcome. How can we help? Hit us up if you have DRNKS questions, or not DRNKS questions... Cheers! 🥂

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We ship wine and not wine all over Australia, but we also deliver to a lot of places ourselves - no more annoying couriers...

We deliver in Sydney same day every day. We also offer free pick up from our Alexandria warehouse.

We ship next day to Melbourne four times a week.

We also deliver to the Central Coast, Newcastle, Northern Beaches, Wollongong + The Coal Coast and The Shire once a week. ❤️


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Started in the 2021 vintage over cocktails in the Adelaide Hills. Parley is Mel, Sarah and Joss. Mel was in her third year of Viticulture and Oenology at The University of Adelaide, working for Commune of Buttons, Son of Dot Drinks and a mother to be. Sarah was running The Summertown Aristologist and working with Les Fruits. And Joss, at one point, balancing 4 simultaneous jobs and a vintage at Gentle Folk. Needless to say they needed one another to get things done and swift decision making became their forte.

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