Real, organic, natural.

Hello. We love good booze.

That’s why we’re simply called DRNKS.

We specialise in real, organic and sustainable wine. And beer. And also sake, spirits and generally all of the drinks.

We’re trying to offer an alternative to the mundane, corporate wine retail scene that dominates Australia. We taste everything we sell, we know where it comes from, we know who made it, and we know why and how they did. So we can tell you.

  • Most of our stuff you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

    Not because of some manufactured exclusivity, but just because the big end of town didn’t look there. We try to make sure everything on the site is organic or biodynamic, has no additives, and is family owned. Sometimes, stuff isn’t, but it’s too good not to go on the list. Or it’s a can of beer.

  • Natural Information: Beverage Tasting Sessions

    We want you to know all we know about the stuff you buy from us. DRNKS hosts monthly tastings in our shop but we can also come to your home / office / local park. It's normally on a Friday and we call it Friday DRNKS.

  • We can send wine to anywhere in Australia.

    DRNKS has a temperature controlled warehouse where all stock is held, and we only freight when the weather is suitable, as many of our products are fragile and easily compromised by poor weather conditions. No one wins when a bottle is a lost. Everyone wins when a bottle is opened. We also offer a pick up service in Alexandria.