The DRNKS squad took a trip to McLaren Vale to have a chat with Jordan Hein, the brains behind Moorak wines. We wanted to get a better idea of his journey, what he loves about winemaking, as well as some behind-the-scenes info on his latest releases. His Labrador pup, Ernie, was there and stole the spotlight. Who can blame us, with a face like that?

So, who is this Jordan character? He's a South Australian legend who has always been passionate about wine. He started out making his first batch at home (which didn't go so well, thanks to a YouTube tutorial), and has now grown to producing 30 tonnes with different grapes and blends.

To make the interview a bit more fun, we asked big Jordan a question. "What's your favourite wine myth?"

Unfortunately, we have to admit we agreed with his response about sulphur because, you know, science. It's a myth that sulphur gives you a headache. In reality, it's probably the extra glass of wine which most of us are guilty of having at the end of the night, not the sulphur. MYTH EXPOSED. Look, sulphur can definitely mess with allergies and the such, but you need to be dealing with large amounts. None of the wine we sell has large amounts. Most of it has literally the minimum amount that wine can have. Very good.

Anyway, back to Jordan. Jordan is also the owner of Ferg's in Stepney, which opened in January 2019. Initially, it was a cellar door to showcase local natural wines that follow the same beliefs, but it has since grown into a bar that holds events and parties. It's an awesome little hidden spot that offers live music and fantastic wines. You can find it here.

We were drawn to his wines - the current crop are excellent and they all have something special to offer. We started with a Cinsault. So light and refreshing with juicy flavours that make it hard to not finish. The skin contact Gris was next - a lot going on here. Lastly, Jordan also made this wine just for us! A juicy little rosé. Very easy to consume responsibly.

Thanks for your time Jordan!

You can shop Jordan's wines here.