Did someone say free wine? Yes. We did. We're someone.

We love spoiling our customers, and what better way to do so than by giving you free wine! With any box of 5 wines, we'll throw in a 6th mystery bottle for free, filling a box and making half a dozen. With any box of 10 wines we'll throw in two free mystery wines filling a box and making a dozen! This offer is only valid for orders of 5 or 10 bottles. Starting right now, and ending when we feel like it - most likely the end of the month.

We're sure you have some questions - we would. So we're going to pretend we are you:

Can I choose which wine I get?

No sorry, but you're in good hands! Our talented and knowledgeable team (EG Pierre) will be picking your wine for you. They’ve all got pretty great taste so you’ll be getting something we stand behind.

Why does it only apply to 5 or 10 bottle orders?

This allows us to create cases of 6 and 12 bottles, which is a neater, easier and safer way to package your wines! Packing is faster, the chance of any breakage is reduced because your wine bottles fit perfectly into our delivery boxes, and shipping is an overall smoother experience for everyone. The reason we don't run this offer for other quantities is due to the extra cumbersome packaging involved, as well as the inflated shipping costs. We already absorb a fair chunk of shipping costs involved with delivering Australia wide, and we are trying to lower these costs for our customers, not increase them! Delivery of free bottles in odd numbers is at times less viable. By sticking to boxes of 6 and 12 we are not only ensuring your wine is kept safer, but we are also reducing the amount of paper/cardboard waste with every order!

What happens if I order 6, 11 or 12 bottles?

If you order 6 wines, you will only be getting your 6 wines, so we recommend you order 5 or 10 to take full advantage of this offer!

If you order 12 wines, then you will only get 12 wines sorry, as your dozen is already complete!

If you have ordered a box of 11 wines we will pop in a 12th free bottle to fill the case! Because we're legends.

Can I use other offers or discount codes and use this promo?

Unfortunately this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount codes. Although, having said that - if you order 10 bottles you will still get 10% discount. Mental.

How long is this offer valid for?

There is no end date for this promotion currently, and there is plenty of free wine to go round! Maybe the end of March? Who knows. Happy ordering friends!

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