• Baba's Place x DNA Distillery Rakija and Tonic (200ml)

Baba's Place x DNA Distillery Rakija and Tonic (200ml)

Baba's Place x DNA Distillery

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Notes from the makers, Baba's Place and DNA Distillery.
Waaaaaayyy out past the Inner West, where the air is heavier, you’ll find people arguing underneath a hills hoist lined with doilies in the backyard of a red brick house. What will they be arguing about? The apparent quality of their family’s Rakija recipes, of course.(It’s pronounced RA - KI - YA) What is Rakija? Debatable really, but the award winning DNA Distillery’s Rakija “is made from bold and full-bodied Australian Shiraz and double distilled in a legitimate distillery... no make-do backyard set up here.” More important than the technical description, you could say that Rakija is South West & Western Sydney's unofficial, suburban moonshine. So, to pay respect to this underrepresented spirit, DNA Distillery have teamed up with the warehouse dwellers of Baba's Place to make history together. We are proud to launch the new classic: Rakija & Tonic... in a can. The perfect drink for a Sydney summer. Why? It gets hot in the suburbs.

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