• Pineapple Express (200g)

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Pineapple Express (200g)

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This is part of a series of fruit-fermented coffees from Riverdale Estate in India.
Hand-picked ripe cherries are washed in natural spring water where the floats and underripe cherries are removed. The fermentation process is where the magic happens, locally sourced pineapples are infused with coffee cherries in air-tight bags for 72 hours. Rather than attempting to impart the actual Pineapple flavours on the coffee, it’s more the acidity and body that the team is aiming to influence. Temperature and ph levels are monitored during the process to maintain consistency. Once the fermentation is complete cherries are sun-dried on raised bed for 25-30 days.
Tasting notes - golden raisin, stewed peach, pineapple acidity.

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