• Beetle Juice Amaro (500ml)

Beechworth Bitters Company

Beetle Juice Amaro (500ml)

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Beechworth Bitters started as a project of chef and restaurant owner Michael Ryan during the extensive Victorian lockdowns of 2020.
Armed with botanicals and a passion for Amari (the bitter drinks of Italy), what started as an experiment soon turned to a serious pursuit of flavour in beverage form. The result is a stunning series of unique amari (and one liquor). Beetle Juice is described as such: "An aperitif based on rhubarb, citrus and flowers. A gentle bitterness, predominantly from gentian and barberry, and a judicious use of sugar, creates a well balanced pre dinner drink.Its carmine colour comes from the rhubarb and blood orange in the recipe, but also from the cochineal bug." - Beechworth Bitters Company

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