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2023 Yard Sale

Joy Wine

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Joy Wine is a collaboration between our good friend Ned Brooks and none other than Si Vintners!
Joy Wine is quite a family affair. The name Joy although chosen by Iwo (of Si Vintners), is actually Ned’s daughter’s middle name and Ned’s partner Cleo painted the label. Big Ned as we like to for to him, distributes Si and has been hassling Sarah and Iwo for years to make more wine and in 2022 they finally gave in. 100% organic Sauvignon Blanc. Destemmed then crushed and pressed direct to old oak and stainless. Full solids ferments, then racked to stainless for short elevage before bottling. Fresh.

In Sydney? Come and get it.

15 minute click & collect available during shop hours, or just come for a browse.