• Meredith 2023 Spicy Bubbles

Meredith 2023 Spicy Bubbles


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Notes from Meredith:
The "Spicy Bubbles" name is a reference to my nieces who, when they were growing up, would find the sensation of carbonated beverages very strange and confuse it with being spicy. Whenever we were out and they were after a soft drink, they would always ask for spicy bubbles which has stuck in our household for anything with fizz. This is a Pet Nat, a style of sparkling wine made by capturing the carbonation of the first ferment of the grapes. If you are looking for the a sessionable drink, built for sunshine and good times, this is your guy. Just a heads up, this wine is cloudy and may have a small amount of sediment in the bottle. This is intentional, sort of like proper OJ or kombucha, and it wont hurt you to consume it.

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