• Meredith 2023 New Tricks Grenache

Meredith 2023 New Tricks Grenache


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Notes from Meredith:
Through out the country, Grenache has started to receive the respect the grape deserves with everyone getting to see how good it can be when treated correctly. It’s especially pleasing seeing the long history Australia has with this grape and a testament that every old dog has a new trick in them. Like this collective journey with Grenache, our approach to winemaking (and to be honest, life) is to be always evolving, always learning. It’s not about being good, its about being getting better. This is the third year we have worked with the Grenache from this vineyard and each year we aim to slightly tweak and experiment to improve its final result. The result of a cool year, this version is bright, spicy and subtle, happily taking a chill in the fridge on a warm day or at room temperature on the dinner table.

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