• 2022 SKINS (500ml)

    Hoddles Creek

    2022 SKINS (500ml)

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    Exceptional skin contact Gris.
    A cooler season meant Hoddles could keep the Gris out in the vineyard longer without the risk of sunburn or excess alcohol. Having the fruit hang longer, gives you better tannins. When a wine is fermented on skins, it’s the type of tannin that influences how you treat it during fermentation. A cool long season results in fine tannin, as they reach a greater level of phenolic ripeness. Sometimes in a hot year, the tannins can be coarse because they haven’t had enough time to achieve ripeness. Hence, you have to be very careful with extraction as you pull out too much green tannin. This wine was picked in the morning, left in the cool room over night to chill then de-stemmed to an open pot. Gently hand plunged for about 12 days, then pressed straight to cask. In regards to winemaking, that’s about it. No additions, settled in tank and straight to bottle.

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