• 2022 Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress

2022 Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress


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Named after the Charles Mingus song ‘Orange was the colour of her dress’.
Patrice is experimental in the cave with this wine. 100% Savagnin ouillé (topped up) Made from the"Champ Fort" vineyard (blue and white marl) and "Les Saules" ( Bajocian ) in Mesnay , "Côte de Feule" in Pupillin ( red and grey marl) It consists of Savagnin macerated on skins for 6 months in old oak barrels. Indigenous yeast fermentation, no sulfites and no filtration. The extra texture to this wine provides interest and it has great balance of salty, sweet, bitter and sour going so well with food.

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