• Eric Goypieron 2022 Non Oxydatif Savagnin

Eric Goypieron 2022 Non Oxydatif Savagnin

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Fruit from the pristine Château-Chalon, which had a short but important stay in old oak.
Fruit from this part of the Jura always has a bouquet that would knock a florist flat. Parfumeries simply blush at the aromatics weaved into this liquid. Orchard delights - Golden Delicious apple, sweet and ripe honeydew, toasted and crushed walnuts, and that floral lilt of fruit blossom. You rarely see such a fine example and clarity in an oxidative wine, the nutty notes do not overpower, they garnish. The palate opens with all that fruit and weight, balanced with a racy acidity. Like putting on good jeans, it just fits. A slightly lighter expression of Jura Savagnin but sketched beautifully.

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