• 2022 Prêt-À-Rosé

    Vignerons Schmölzer and Brown

    2022 Prêt-À-Rosé

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    Notes from VS+B:
    Our Rosé has always been a savoury, dry, old oak-fermented style. Sometimes a few vessels sneak through malolactic fermentation before we arrest them and this confers added interest and texture. It’s a wine that can offer much of the complexity of a fine Chardonnay, but being pink it essentially gives you permission to enjoy it without the carry on. This is Syrah from Indigo Vineyard and Pinot Noir from Brunnen (the shaded south-east corner we always put to this wine), and the first few top panels of Thorley Syrah, whose bunch size runs a bit heavier due to the previous occupation of a nitrogenating old Blackwood tree (they’re legumes remember), which had died and was pushed out when we developed the site.

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