🤓 Welcome to Loose Lips - DRNKS

🤓 Welcome to Loose Lips

Hello! Hi! Hey! Welcome to a new space we’re calling Loose Lips.

Loose Lips is a liquid wedge of the internet where we can ask questions, answer your questions, and tell you stuff you might like to know about the people/bottles/ideas that make DRNKS, DRNKS.

There are a few ways we’re going about this:

GOOD CHATS: Talking the talk with the people who make the good stuff. The makers, the growers, our mentors, the experts in their field. 

DRNKS KNOWS: Sometimes you have questions! Sometimes we have questions. Like, why is this Kindeli pet nat exploding all the time? Here are the answers.

DEPT OF OPINIONS: Up for an argument? Ok, a discussion then? Consider this the corner for *thoughts* on *things* like *trends*. Some we like and some we can’t get around so much. Submissions welcome.

NOT DRNKS: Newsflash! We also stock a bunch of non-booze, non-liquid stuff. Pasta. Chilli oil. Candles. Salt. Sausage. Lots. These people are just as cool as our wine people. Here’s why they’re great. 

DRNKS GLOBAL: Travel guides through a natural wine glass, written by our pals across the world. For when we can leave this glorious island. 

Stay tuned, stay thirsty. New juice coming soon.