🙃 EAT BETTER: Just Eating Our Way Through Lockdown - DRNKS

🙃 EAT BETTER: Just Eating Our Way Through Lockdown

Well. Here we are again for at least a little while. Hope you’re all doing ok and staying safe. We love you, we’ve got you covered, elbow high fives etc. As you may know, our warehouse legends and drivers have been getting you what you need, feverishly sanitising, and wearing masks 24/7. Wines have been flying off shelves faster than toilet paper (exhibit A) but we’re freshly-restocked with the likes of this, this and this.

As it also happens, we’ve got a few new things to eat from our friends at Pub Life, Fabbrica and Angie’s Food in case you can’t make it to Pyrmont, the CBD (or anywhere for that matter) yourself. We’ve also made pairing suggestions and thrown in some lockdown moods courtesy of Hide The Pain Harold because what is lockdown without an all-too-relatable stock meme.

Something to note: most of these are Sydney same day only, so you’ll want to add on a meal with your next bottle when you’re checking out. Here’s the full list of Sydney locations if you’re unsure. Onto your next feed...

🍝 Fabbrica Ragu Rigatoni
Eat it same day in Sydney 
Drink it with Jean Foillard’s Cote du Py… Treat yourself!
Lockdown Harrold mood: wine by the fireplace in grandpa’s sweater.
A classic and so, so tasty. And so easy! We’ve currently got Fabbrica’s slow-cooked winter number on the go. Lots of red wine, Wagyu cheek, rosemary with whole egg rigatoni made in-house. 5-minutes to cook. Feeds two. 

🍔Jovi’s Aged Beef Burger Kit
Eat it same day in Sydney
Drink it with 2018 2021 Smallfry Eclectik Violet
Lockdown Harrold mood: you’re basically a chef and don’t you forget it.
Who doesn’t love a burger and who doesn’t love Jovi, the man behind one of the best, most notorious burgers in Syd. It’s a little fancy. Read: grass-fed beef aged at The Whole Beast Butchery in Marrickville. Comes with 2 x beef patties, sweet and spicy pickles, high melt cheese, roasted garlic and lime mayo. BYO lettuce and tomato sauce. Instructional and pretty lol video by Jovi here, better than the new Gossip Girl.

🥔Bonilla A La Vista Patatas Fritas
Eat it all over Australia
Drink it with Non’s Lemon Marmalade & Hibiscus
Lockdown Harrold mood: Bang a gong (get it on).
Probably the best chips in the world, definitely the best packaging in the world. Spanish potatoes, Spanish olive oil and Spanish sea salt. If you’re going hard on the chippies, maybe have something non-alcoholic with it… You know, everything in moderation including moderation. 

🌶Angie’s Food Fermented Curry Paste
Eat it anywhere
Drink it with 2019 Place of Changing Winds Marsanne
Lockdown Harrold mood: Zoom presentations in a shirt and undies.
Got a few limp carrots and sweet potatoes in your fridge, saying ‘help me?’ Call it a day, throw them in a pot and add this southern-Indian style curry paste from Angie’s Food. Or, my fave, wok toss it with boiled potatoes and peas. Big flavour explosions thanks to fermented Australian turmeric, ginger, chilli and desert lime. Good for you too.