🤓 DRNKS KNOWS: New Year, Not Boring FAQs - DRNKS

🤓 DRNKS KNOWS: New Year, Not Boring FAQs

2020. 2021. Bit of a year, and bit of a start to this one. Hope you’re staying safe and happy. Anyway. Just thought we’d usher in new Loose Lips beginnings with a not boring FAQ that might be a bit boring for some. Lol. Get across the latest things like: how fast you can get your wine, where free things and discounts apply, where to go if you just want to chat. Bottom line is it’s all about getting learned in 2021, and don’t we love to see it. 

What are those weird coloured icons that pop up next to bottles when I’m browsing? 
Glad you asked. We’ve been making some changes to our website to make things easier for you. These icons act as a cheat sheet: 
1.5L— if it wasn’t already obvious, this bottle is a big boy, aka a magnum.
No Adds—this means the winemaker, grower or importer told us nothing is added in the vineyard.
No S02—this wine has no added preservatives. That is all.
Prontoour ice cold 2 hour delivery service. Only certain suburbs on Fridays.
More to come too...
Additionally, all browse options (eg Red, White, Orange, Fizz) now have sub sections. Like your reds Heavy + Robust, or your skin contact wines Light + Tangy? Just smash those links...

Order 6+ wines get a 10% discount.
That’s literally any wine on this very website in any combination. Literally. Buy six or, for whatever reason, buy 500. Either option—and everything in between—gets you 10% off. This doesn’t include packs - they already have over 10% discount.

Who gets free shipping with no minimum spend?
If you're in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Newcastle and Wollongong, you geddit. No Darwin, sorry. Darwin is $50 - which is what it costs us… All shipping is carbon neutral, for all locations everywhere, by the way.

What about shipping for regional areas?
If you spend $99 you also get free shipping. Congrats! Some regional areas may still be subject to shipping fees—like, if you’re really, really far away. We’re always happy to work something out though, just reach out. We’re all friends here. 

Sydney same day delivery
7 days a week. Just order by 2pm within 15km of the CBD and we’ll get it to you that day, FOR FREE. Woo.

Sydney Click + Collect from Alexandria
Want your drinks and not drinks even faster? 2-hour Click + Collect is now a thing. Just click it at the checkout, then come see our warehouse in Alexandria, and bam, you’ve got your wines and not wines.

Melbourne next day delivery
People of Melbourne, we send a full van south of the border twice a week. Just get your order in before 2pm Tuesday, for delivery Wednesday. Or, before 2pm Thursday for delivery on Friday.

Brisbane + Byron Bay delivery
Noodles up North, we’re sending a van up to Byron and Brisbane once a week. Just order before 10am on Wednesdays, for delivery on Thursday to Friday. 

How good are packs?
We pick them for you, you click a button and they’re yours for 10-15% less than if you were picking them yourselves. Great if you’re new to DRNKS for all the obvious reasons. 

Let’s chat on all the socials and other places too
Chat to us on the little pop-up thingy on our site (it’s really us, no robots here). Drop into our DMs on Instagram or Facebook. Or even good old-fashioned email. We'll always answer. We love chats.

Give the gift of giving because giving is nice

We can wrap things, we’ve got vouchers, we have cards for messages, we have nice bottle bags and boxes. Just ask—there's a section in checkout. And if you miss that, just reply to your order confirmation. We live to serve.

Think something is wrong with your wine? 
No melodrama. Put the cork or screwcap back on the bottle, send us a photo along with a description of the issue, and we will organise collection and a store credit or replacement bottle. Whatever suits.

Who even are we, anyway?
We’ve been around since 2013, which makes DRNKS the first natural wine online delivery service to have ever existed in Australia. Yay. We like to think we know what we're talking about, we know what we like, and we love to share what we like. 

Joel, the founding father of DRNKS who is also a literal father, has been around wine for over over 25 years—he grew up on a vineyard and worked just about every job that a winery has, before going on to sell the stuff for about 10 years. Ray and Greggo have also been around for 10 years at some of Sydney’s best bars and restaurants. Ray does everything at DRNKS and Greggo does some of everything at DRNKS. Hospitality gurus? Yeah. Regular gurus? Probably.