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💅 DRINK BETTER Rosé and Kind of Rosé


Ever wondered why the south of France is known as rosé country? Probably not? Probably not. But it’s kind of interesting and goes all the way back to the Phocaeans who brought vines over from Greece and planted them in Massalia (modern day Marseille) in the sixth century BC. They made watered down field blends of red and white grapes and, thanks to the Romans and their trade ports and love of drinking, soon these pink wines were the hottest thing in the Mediterranean. Classical trending. 

Anyone remember what was trending in 2016? Donald Trump. Anyone remember what else? GQ, Vogue US and other leading tastemakers such as Adelaide’s The Advertiser were declaring it the summer of BROSÉ (rosé for bros) and F’ROSÉ (rosé slushies). It was a big year for demagogues and marketers with a talent for creating portmanteaus. You would be forgiven for wanting to forget it. 

Anyway. Getting to the point. Many of the oldest recorded wines were early forms of rosé. This style has survived millennia and slushie machines. It’s what you want to drink when it’s hot and wet and we’ve got some good ones living at DRNKS right now. Natural red and white blends like you’d find in the BCs, wild Italian rosatos and $25 party styles made by yours truly. Down below.

MV Binner Si Rosé
Wild + different
Pretty lively and wild drinking, and a world away from rosé slushies. It’s a blend of 2018 and 2019 Gewürtztraminer and Pinot Gris by Christian Binner who is kind of a big deal in Alsace, France. FYI this is actually a skin contact white so it falls under our “kind of rosé” category. Also because that’s what Christian decided to call it.

2019 Aurélien & Charlotte Houillon Tourmaline
Aurélien is the youngest of the Houillon clan, of Jura-Arbois fame, who also trained under Pierre Overnoy (another big deal). He and his wife Charlotte now make wild, minimalist wines in southern Rhône. This one’s 100% Grenache and super hard to come by. Definitely worth getting a bottle now before they’re gone.

2020 Valli Unie Rosatea
Made from a wild, organically grown blend of Cortese, Barbera, Malvasia and Freisa in Piedmont, Italy. It’s easy and fun, bright and juicy, nice and savoury. Good dinner party wine, no need to overthink.

2020 Cantina Giardino Rosato (Magnum 1.5L)
Wild + Different
A big boy (1.5L) by the big boys (
Cantina Giardino). One of wine importer Alex Whyte’s favourite makers and rosés and that guy knows a thing or two about the stuff if you want to read his Good Chats here. By far the lightest and brightest vintage we’ve seen from these guys. Must try it.

2021 Analog Harcourt Syrah Rosé
Solid central Victorian action. 100% shiraz grown on granite which means it’s got a nice minerally thing going on. Clean and vibrant but still with plenty of character. Take it to the beach if it ever stops raining.

2020 Limbo Rosato
Wild + different
A good mate from SA helped us churn out this Riverland beast, the largest winemaking region in Aus for a fun fact. The place is known for its “frankenwines” but we’ve made ours from all organic South Australian fruit with minimal adds in very small batches. Party wine. Very good price at $25 big ones.

2019 Fattoria Al Fiore Verde
Wild + different
Wrapping up on the other end of the big ones spectrum is this red from Miyagi, Japan. It’s Fiore’s first 100% Vinifera wine. They normally work with hybrid / table grapes. This is still wild. Interesting. Jubey. Savoury. So good.