🎉 DRINK BETTER: How to Break Every Rule at a Wine Tasting - DRNKS

🎉 DRINK BETTER: How to Break Every Rule at a Wine Tasting

Well. This has been a long time coming. After putting it on ice last March because of Covid, yada yada, Huge Moves is officially happening on Monday the 14th of June! So, so good.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know we’ve put a few of these on before. In 2016 and 2017, we hosted three instalments of Mental Notes, then came Wet Dreams twice, a wine tasting/snack takeover at the Dolphin Hotel. And finally, a year before shit got really shit, we brought you Loose Lips at the no-longer George Hotel in Waterloo (love you, RIP).

What do you call a thing where people go to taste wines and talk to makers? Hell if I know. We landed on “wine party,” because really, we want it to be about learning new things, having good chats and some fun.

Housekeeping. All you need to know is I, Joel, will be hosting it with my best mate, James Hird, who co-founded that legendary wine festival Rootstock and does all things wine at Icebergs. There’ll be vin naturel (obviously) to taste from about 40 natural makers, growers and importers. Stunning views if you just open your eyes. Snacks. And a party should you wish to stick around once it all wraps at 6.30pm. 

I’d say don’t miss out, but unfortunately, you’ve already missed out. Sorry. Huge Moves Sydney sold out super fast. But Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, we’ll be coming your way to do it all again in a couple of months. Stay tuned. 

Now to get you in the mood. Here is a neat flowchart-listicle presentation I prepared earlier, where every opportunity to break wine rules is yours to take. Join me on this VIP virtual tour. It’s gonna be, as I said, fun. 

  • Tickets ready, two-ways
  • A boring but necessary piece of information. Print them at home (who even has a printer at home anymore?). Or at work, or just make sure it’s open and ready to scan on your phone. Good idea to double check your session time too—11am to 2pm or 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

  • ENTER IDRB (Icebergs Dining Room & Bar) like you’re not cool
  • But be cool behaviour-wise, because otherwise the bouncer might not let you in. They’re all very nice though, including our friend on the door who will scan your ticket (see point 1). 

  • Just don’t break this rule: your QR check in
  • Seriously, do this part. We’re all doing our part to keep our friends and communities safe 🙃.

  • Taste over 100 wines from everywhere
  • There’s some big names here, but don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to make your way from table to table. A few not to miss: Lucy M + Persephone (at the same table), LattaVINO (the king), Andrew Guard (he never does these things) and Sinkin Wines for the super rare Japanese stuff.

  • Swill your wine around like a real life sommelier
  • Find the most serious wine person in the room and have an intense conversation about what that wine’s legs or hue looks like. Or just sip and say not a word more. Whatever suits. That’s your journey, we’re just here to make your best dreams come true.

  • Spit bucket...or don’t lol
  • We’ll have plenty of these around. Do it, or don’t.

  • Ask all the wrong questions (there are no wrong questions)
  • These makers and importers live to serve and love a chat. Icebreakers include, but are not limited to, Sholto Broderick and his tractors and Giorgio Di Maria’s first job in Japan. If you want to do a bit of light reading beforehand, get stuck into our Good Chats with Owen, Giorgio, Sholto Broderick and Joshua Cooper.

  • Eat a burger with one hand standing up
  • The best bits of the Icebergs bar menu is up for grabs. Plenty of one-handed items that won’t interfere with the wine drinking...Salty, fried snacks like gamberetti, frittis and The Iceburger (only the best cheeseburger ever). You’ll probably want all of these.

  • Buy wine! They’re all available to buy!
  •  It’s! True! DRNKS has a shop running during both tasting sessions. All the wines you try are available to buy. 

  • Stay for party times from 6.30pm 
  • If you’re coming to the late session, hang out and have a drink with the winemakers after the event. Good times, great classic hits.