🍷 DRINK BETTER Chilled Reds

No one is judging your ice cubes here. Try these five!

Chilled reds? After years, nay generations, of being conditioned to think otherwise? Yes, YES - they are a thing. Besides the fact (look it up) that Australians drink all of their red wine waaayyyyy too warm, getting the temp down on a lighter red just makes them so damn drinkable, especially when it’s hot. How do you get it right though - you don’t want your wine too cold either. The classic DRNKS method is to keep the wine in the fridge, like a white wine, and take it out about 15-20 minutes before you’re looking to drink it. If you can’t wait that long, or you just forget because you’re BUSY CHILLING YOURSELF, just open it and pour a couple of small glasses and the wine will come up in temperature in no time. Also, hot tip - just chuck a couple of ice blocks in your glass. Your mum likely does this all the time with her rosé. Who’s judging now?

Now, which wines to keep on ice? That bit is easy.

2020 Fin Slurpy Boi
Everyone and everything needs a little bit of chill in 2020, but I haven’t seen a wine from this vintage more suited to it. This is perfect. Bright and juicy!

2020 Yugen Riding On Rainbows
This is literally like riding on a rainbow of Syrah and Pinot Gris. It does as it says.

2019 Phantom Merlo Grigio
There is a lot going on in this wine and it can almost be a bit overwhelming but cool it down a bit and voila, it turns into a mad chiller.

2020 Gentle Folk Vin De Sofa
The classic! Also great not chilled. This wine was made for an esky at the beach. Spicy and vibrant.

2019 Foradori Lezèr
A fancy boy from the Italian Alps. Essential mountain wine at home or on ice in the park next to the taramasalata dip.