Sample Coffee Telila (250g)



Notes from the Sample team:
This particular coffee was produced by female coffee farmers in the area around Agaro town in the Jimma Zone. It was processed at ‘Telila’ Washing station in Agaro owned by American-Ethiopian Mike Mamo of Addis Exporters. His company provides QC oversight and manages post harvest processing. Working with 50+ single farms around Agaro, Telila is a beautiful little station, situated on the main road which connects ‘The Ethiopian Coffee Institute’’s Agaro testing site, with Agaro town. The nearby river provides water for the coffee processing: the coffee is soaked in soaking tanks for 24 hours before being washed with clean water and dried on traditional raised bamboo drying beds in the full sun for around 15 days. Mike’s crew covers the drying parchment during mid day if the temperatures become too intense.

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