Roborel De Climens Finiton Cabernet Franc Amphore (500ml)

Spirits & Sake


An overproof, limited edition 'black label', entirely French whisky that has been partly matured in Cabernet Franc clay amphore by emerging producer Aymeric Roborel de Climens.
Distilled in 2016, this was bottled after a finish in cabernet franc amphore in September 2020. The cabernet franc clay vessels were sourced from du Domaine de Bellevue, an organic producer in the Loire Valley. This is a unique finish for whisky, with the 150-litre clay amphore holding the spirit for 10 months. There are 350 bottles in this edition worldwide bottled at 51%. Even though this is at 51%, this is still showcasing the light, soft, textural spirit of Clemens. A beautiful aroma with a grounded, bold finish (that's still anything but "heavy").

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