Ragù Tradizionale Bolognese (280g)



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You guys know Enrico "Tome" from 10 William Street, Fratelli Paradiso, Alberto's Lounge and a bunch of other things? He made some Bolognese for us. He put it in a jar for you. This Bolognese sauce gives meaning to your pasta. Cooked for over 2 hours, this tasty sugo is made in the Italian traditional way using some of the best Australian ingredients. Chef combined some amazing local meat from NSW sourced by the guys from Emilio’s Specialty Butcher including biodynamic Cowobbee Red Angus from Oberon and the Taluca Park Berkshire pig from Exeter. The Bolognese suits every type of pasta shape. Butter should’t be an option, parmesan cheese is a must. Nutritional yeast? Nonna says whatever... KEEP REFRIGERATED, serves approximately 3. We eat it straight from the jar, cold LOL.

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