Carussin il Bag di Carica l'Asino (3L)



The story of this wine is very special and it starts in 2005 when the farm purchased a stable surrounded by vineyards, at a region called Valle Asinari (Valley of the Donkeys).
The diversity of two parcels of Cortese Alto Monferrato was soon discovered. Bruna asked the previous owner, a vivacious woman born in 1922 about the vineyard, and her curiosity was soon satisfied. When her husband found out about this variety, Carica l’Asino (Load the Donkey), through their friends from Acqui Terme, they decided to grow it in their land at the region of Valle Asinari (Valley of the Donkeys”). The curious existence of Carica l’Asino in that region combined with Bruna’s passion for Donkeys gave birth to the Carica l’Asino white wine.

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