Purveyors of fine grape juice
Mutemuka Shuzo Mutemuka kochi, japan

The term "mutemuka" can be roughly translated as "a sake made with pure intentions or without ornamentation."
Mutemuka's signature sake is made from two varieties of rice the brewery grows organically. For their moto [starter mash] they use Kaze Naruko a strain of ‘sake rice’, but the majority of the rice used is Hino-Hikari aprized ‘table rice’. Sake made with table rice tend to be more robust and richer in palate weight due to the proteins, fats and amino acids that become involved in the ferment. The Mutemuka is initially aged for about half a year at room temperature before release resulting in a beautifully full-bodied sake. Mutemuka has dominant aromas of yeast and fragrant rice and a rich palate with notes of Jasmine rice and white radish with an earthy, savoury taste. This sake has great food matching applications because of it’s unique savoury palate. Perfect with salty snacks or ingredients like coastal greens or oysters; seafood dishes; or hard cheeses like Tête de Moine. Black Market Sake

Origin kochi, japan
Year NV
Style elegant & complex