2019 Kameman Shuzo Genmaishu (500ml)

Spirits & Sake


In theory it is impossible to ferment whole brown rice unless it is sprouted (which is what used to be done in ancient times) however Genmai-zake (literally - brown rice sake) means that the husk of the rice has not been polished off.
Rather, the rice husk is crushed to expose the inner part of the grain to allow fermentation, while leaving the rice completely unpolished. Genmai-zake needs twice as much rice than would usually be required to make the same quantity of sake made from polished rice. This style also requires extra attention with longer soaking and steaming times. Soaking for Genmai-zake takes around 14 hours, whereas soaking for white rice ranges from 1 minute for highly polished rice to around 1 hour for less polished. This long soak time is followed by a double steaming process. Kameman have achieved the perfect balance of sweet/savoury/dry to make this a well balanced sake with great palate weight. As this sake ages it develops into even richer, more complex flavours.

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