Empirical Spirits Charlene McGee (500ml)



All notes come from this very special distillery..:
Charlene McGee is a juniper spirit inspired by Scandinavian smoking traditions. We often rejigger culinary techniques to apply them to spirits. We lightly crush Danish juniper berries and soak them in water so that they take up more flavour when they go on to be smoked over their own wood. The final blend is matured in Oloroso casks to impart a faintly sweet hint of woodiness - we liken this ageing process to seasoning. Smooth, smoky, juniper.
To serve - 2 part Charlene McGee, 3 part Cream Soda, Orange Slice.

  • Origin

  • denmark

  • Year

  • nv

  • Varietal

  • Style

  • complex & interesting

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