Bridge Road Brewers Mayday Hills x Wildflower Wild Pilsner

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Notes from Bridge Road...
Wild Pilsner was made in collaboration with our friend Topher Boehm of Wildflower Brewing and Blending in Marrickville, Sydney. When Topher was in Beechworth in 2019, he brought along a special gift from Marrickville; Wildflower's wild yeast and bacterial house blend. This is used in the barrel ageing process in all his beers. He uses this blend for secondary fermentation in barrel after a primary fermentation on Saison yeast. We took approximately 500 litres of lagering Chestnut Pilsner and transferred it to two inert French oak barrels, to which we added Wildflowers house blend. Aside from periodic topping to reduce oxidation, this beer and the house blend was left to do their thing for more than two years; the results of this process are genuinely remarkable. Wild Pilsner is a deeply complex and textured beer,far removed from the styles original origins.

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