Bonilla a la Vista Potato Chips (500g)



The only ingredients in the tin are potatoes, olive oil and sea salt.
The only potatoes used are from Xinzo de Limia in Galicia and are carefully selected for the perfect balance of sugars and starch. The potatoes are cooked in olive oil and have a light dusting of salt. The Bonilla a la Vista story starts in 1932 in Ferrol, Spain with Salvador Bonilla. Salvador and his family started travelling around Galicia with their market stand going to villages and small towns with their delicious chips and tasty churros. Later, their fame spread when the famous Guzzi Bonilla a la Vista motorbike started delivering Bonilla a la Vista crisps to the coffee bars in A Coruña, Galicia. From these humble beginnings Bonilla a la Vista chips have become sought after around the world.

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  • NV

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