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Akishika Shuzo 888 (720ml)

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Akishika Shuzo was founded in Osaka prefecture in 1886 and under the present 6th generation Kuramoto [Brewery Owner] this tiny brewery is creating some of Japan’s most exceptional and finest sake.
Hiroaki Oku is both Kuramoto and also Toji [Master Brewer] at Akishika and his dedication and skill in creating quality sake shows in every bottle. The rice for this Sake is grown organically by Oku-san himself. The ‘888’ is created from Hattan Nishiki rice polished to 80%. The use of No. 8 yeast is very unique as it is a strain which has all but disappeared in Sake production today. A complex and layered Sake that offers great texture with bright acidity and warm spice. Long, long complex finish.

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