2021 Wildflower St Henry

Beer & Cider


Notes from the brewery.
In 2021, St Henry was made by blending barrel aged golden mixed culture fermentation ale with 1060kg of fresh, whole, tree ripened Robada apricots from Yarralee Orchard in Kelso, NSW. The beer at release opens with bright apricot flesh and musky skin. Complex spice mix-edging on negroni vibes, cinnamon and earthy allspice with a vinous soft vanillin warmth background. The gold base comes through lifting the aromatics with inflections of citrus and fresh pineapple. Beautiful flow on the palate. Apricot to the fore in all forms but backed by clean oak lines, orange citrus and biscuity textures. The fruit is fresh and vibrant, continually expressing itself across a long palate. As with all St Henry’s the acidity builds but is in total harmony with the apricot. Really stunning vintage considering the very wet conditions of this harvest.

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