2021 Konpira Maru Belarus: by Sergei Friulano



Notes from Konpira Maru.
100% Friulano was hand bucketed from bins on a truck to our mini de-stemmer which was resting over a fermenter(which could not be moved once full). Wild fermented on skins for 21 days in our Whitlands winery/shed with daily hand plunging throughout. Basket-pressed, before resting in 100% old French barrique. A bit of wild malo and a bit of oxygen has given the naturally luscious variety a bit of spice. Left in barrique for 5 months before being racked into stainless steel. Bottled unfined and unfiltered with a touch of sulphur. Nose of green mango, pistachio with a palate of fresh taut apricot and cardamom, really chewy finish with end of an HB pencil tannin. Best enjoyed with a tropical muesli bar (chewy not crunchy).

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