2021 Jean Bouteille Al Dente


No Added Preservatives


100% Chardonnay from an organically farmed vineyard in Vine Vale, close to Tanunda.
The Vines thrives through deep sand over red clay soil with an east / west facing. Beneficial diurnal temperature thanks to the cool air coming at night from the Eden Valley Ridge a few 100 meters away. These are the first grapes JB picked for 2021, all hand picked and whole bunched tipped into a stainless steel tank and enclosed to undergo carbonic maceration for about a week until the primary fermentation really picked up. Foot stomped once a day for 3 days to progressively extract the sugar out of the berries and feed the yeast. The tank is then completely sealed up at the end of the primary fermentation and kept closed for seven weeks. The must has been pressed in a horizontal press quite oxidatively before heading to old seasoned French barriques which were filled to 80% and untopped for the full length of élevage of four months. As a result the barriques have seen the formation of a yeast veil on top of the wine with a slight influence on its aromatic and its alcohol content. Bottled without any additions.

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