2021 Château Comme Ci, Comme Ça Gris Rosé



All notes from Aaron Fenwick - he makes the wine in Anton Von Klopper's shed..:
This fruit is from Robert Surmann’s farm just outside of Hahndorf. The vines are 25 years old and grown on black sandy soil which lays onto of petrified schist. I had two ferments of pinot gris going, one was in a barrel standing up with 100% destemmed fruit in it and another in aussie terracotta ;) which had 30% whole bunches and 70% destemmed fruit. I did however fill up both ferments with far too much fruit and after three days when the ferment started kicking hard both fermenters where about to overflow. So I racked off a 220L barrel of juice from both ferments to reduce the volume and avoid the overflow. This wine is that juice. Richard Gere pouring rose down your face - what a bloody treat!

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