2020 Yume Marri Ambrosia

Beer & Cider

No Added Preservatives


Before there was wine, there was Ambrosia.
Ambrosia is distinguished from mead as mead is traditionally made with the addition of beer yeast, whereas Yume Ambrosia is made with naturally occurring yeast in the honey or botanical additions. Notes by Lou Chalmer - who makes this - Monovarietal pet nat from Nanda People’s Land. Marri is the indigenous name for Red Gum, one of the most important floral species in the Western Australian landscape, the heart of the forest. It’s tends to be a very balanced honey, with a medium- bodied palate and pleasing length. This comes from the Armadale area. Aromatic, with red fruits and savoury tannins framing the palate. Think bolder vegetable dishes, fatty fish, chicken or pork. Diluted with water, fermented for 10 months on full lees then bottled with a touch (10g/L) of residual sugar for spritz. Apiculture by Sawyer’s Apiaries, made by Lou.

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