2020 Wildflower St Phoebe (375ml)

Beer & Cider


These notes from the brewer, Topher...
St Phoebe 2020 was made in a similar manner to St Abigail and St Thomas whereby we source and macerate whole, real fruit from Nashdale with barrel ripened Gold from our cellar. This year, the beer had a whole four months to hang out with these plums and soak up every last bit of their sweet plummy goodness before being blended and bottled in early July 2020. For 17 weeks the beer went through its ultimate fermentation in bottle for carbonation and conditioning concurrently. At this month of release, it is 5.6% ABV and super tasty. Strong skinsy pinot gris pet nat vibes. Lifted nose, perfumed (rose water) and full of ripe sweet fruit. Surprisingly funky and with a dark spice complexity. The palate shines, beautiful, subtly pretty integration with the fruit, creamy carbonation, sweet purple fruits and a moreish gentle acidity to finish.

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