2020 LattaVINO Benevolent Cabernet Franc (Magnum - 1.5L)



It's pretty hard to explain just how big these magnums are LOL.
We only got 3 of them... Notes from Lord Owen:
Well, here’s something we’ve never done before, releasing a red wine in the same year it was grown. Only grapes months earlier, this was a last minute silver lining for the 2020 vintage, I was hoping to get my hands on more of the Yandoit Cabernet Sauvignon again - no dice. Peter Fyfee the grower mentioned there was very little to go around for the 2020 season and suggested I should give Adam Marks a call at Bress to get some Cabernet Franc as he was selling the property. We’ve known Adam for years so he seemed pretty pumped to sell us the grapes as well as the Riesling, how benevolent. Made with no additions, no tricks, a great vineyard at 38 years of age delivering all the punches.

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