2020 Dilworth and Allain Mt. Franklin Riesling



Couldn’t help but think of the mass market bottled water product.
It saw 36 hours skin contact where 2019 saw a week. Only 30 dozen produced. This took its time to get going. Plenty of flair, exotica and marching to its own beat, a squeaky textured wine of saltiness, electric acidity, green apple crunch and a quite distinct dill pickle character to taste, unusually. It feels refreshing and high tempo, whips along the palate and leaves the kiss and pucker of a mouthful of salt n vinegar chips. The fragrance is a spray of lemon oil in ozone. I kept at my glass because I wanted to know more, though I kept oscillating on the dial between visceral pleasure and curio. I had a glass. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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