2020 Craven Pinot Gris



Mick Craven is a mad Aussie winemaker drongo type who shifted to Stellenbosch and is doing great things in the avant garde set over there.
Great to see his wines in Australia. Macerated for two weeks, this gris is a textural feast. Well handled. It opens with some reduction, so give it some air. Scents of apples, nashi pear, struck match, pomegranate. Chewy texture, ribbons of puckering texture, juicy core and a while lots of flavour appears here this is way more about the ride the wine gives you. Clips a long at a fair pace, feels refreshing yet kind of serious too. It’s an instant ‘yep, would drink a bottle’ kind of feel for me. Does the variety justice, shows complexity and heaps of personality while remaining trim and refreshing. Nice one. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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