2019 Vinbag Pinot Grigio (Bagnum - 1.5L)



Ok, before we get to what, let's talk about why..:
The environmental benefits stem largely from the packaging’s weight. 72% of the overall weight of two bottles of wine, is accounted for by the glass. This bag at 1.5L, which holds two bottles, only accounts for 2% of the final product. When empty, a truckload of these bags is equivalent to 14 truckloads of empty glass bottles. So from cradle to grave, one bag has an 80% less carbon footprint than a bottled equivalent.
This 2019 Pinot Grigio was hand-picked from a single vineyard in the King Valley. Made in the Northern Italian style, the fruit is picked early and fermentation is managed at cooler temperatures to ensure it retains its fresh flavours.

  • Origin

  • king valley, australia

  • Year

  • 2019

  • Varietal

  • pinot gris

  • Style

  • park wines

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