2019 Renardat-Fâche Bugey Cerdon



Cerdon de Bugey is a delicious light pink demi-sec sparkling wine from the Bugey, found at the foot of the French Alps, made from the local Gamay and Poulsard grapes.
Cerdon is scarce and as more and more people have started to discover how good it is it has become hard to procure. Alain and his son Elie Renardat produce the best Bugey Cerdon there is and make theirs from Gamay (70%) and Poulsard (30%), and follow the technique called "ancestral method." The organically farmed grapes are picked by hand, pressed and fermented using natural yeasts in cold vats until the alcohol reaches about 6 degrees. After a light filtration that leaves most of the active yeast in the unfinished wine, it is bottled and continues its fermentation in the bottle, reaching about 7.5 or 8 degrees of alcohol and retaining a fair quantity of its original sugar.

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