2019 Mont de Marie Anathème Blanc



Notes from the importer Andrew Guard - he was introduced to this wine grower by none other than Eric Pfifferling!
Mont de Marie is Thierry Forestier and he's based in Souvignargues which is in the Gard department. He used to be in IT but his parents were farmers and in his thirties he returned to the land and bought his property of 11 hectares that he has farmed organically ever since, in fact it was farmed that way when he bought it. What got Eric Pfifferling interested was the grape varieties he had - Aramon, Cinsault, Carignan - varieties that suit the climate and express subtlety and finesse and old vines at that, averaging over 80 years! Thierry is fastidious and makes his wine much like Eric, hyper observation with minimal intervention, the result being vibrant and sensitive wines with plenty of flavour but with freshness and finesse. This is a blend of Ugni Blanc, Viognier and Carignan.

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