2019 Miwasakura Shuzo Omusubi (720ml)

Spirits & Sake


Miwasakura is made with Hattan-Nishiki rice that has a large starch center, making it perfect for sake brewing.
This starchy centre is also very delicate so the Toji (Master Brewer) Kanao Eko must take extra care when polishing the rice to avoid breakages. Often polishing will be stopped at 70% seimai-buai to avoid these breakages, as is the case with this sake. Miwasakura is a very traditional style of sake where the Toji has let naturally occurring yeast start the ferment rather than adding yeast. Miwasakura has an earthy aroma with hints of enoki mushroom and an extremely dry and savoury palate with a viscous texture. Bright acidity and a long mineral finish. This is a great sake to match with dishes with robust flavours.

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