2019 Little Reddie Pat Nat



Very pale, super refreshing non-disgorged Nebbiolo Pétillant-naturel.
Made without addition of any kind.
Very early harvested Cobinabbin Nebbiolo. Picked almost entirely on fruit ripeness, looking for strawberries as opposed to the classical, later arriving Nebbiolo raspberry fruit spectrum. Extremely gentle whole bunch press with almost no rotation and very patient manual operation. Only about 40% of the juice yield is taken for the pet’nat, the body of the press going to NEW! and the tails to scraps red.
By this time the final Nebbiolo pick for red wines has be harvested and a small amount of the free run is taken immediately after the crush. An amount of this very sweet juice is then added to the settled rose ferment in order to give it a very accurate amount of sugar for fermentation in bottle. The wine is bottled immediately after the juice is added.

  • Origin

  • heathcote, australia

  • Year

  • 2019

  • Varietal

  • nebbiolo

  • Style

  • park wines

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