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Mark Angeli

2020 La Lune

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The king of the Anjou is back!
Humble, influential and special, Mark Angeli needs no introduction. His philosophies let alone wines are next level. The vineyard, which he refers to as a ‘farm’ rather than ‘domaine’ is managed like its own little planet. Following biodynamic principles it is self sufficient, and sustainable. Cows, chickens, bees, and various other crops all work together with the vines. If he needs to use any sulphur, it’s one that is originally derived from volcanoes rather than petrochemicals. Insane Chenin here. It is named La Lune after the shape of the vine, which resembles a moon. Bone dry and fresh, but still feels rich and perfectly weighted. Honey and white fruit a plenty. A little decanting won’t hurt, but you do you. Roast Chook Chenin.

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