2019 Jean Bouteille MAAR



A very good mate of ours has just dropped his first Australian wine... these notes are from him:
The MAAR is a blend of 100 kg of Pinot Gris grown on Schist and volcanic soil vineyard from Mount Gambier, 130kg of Cabernet Franc which came from a sandy over limestone limestone coast vineyard and topped up with 580kg of Pinot Noir from 2 sites within Mount Gambier Volcanic top soil over limestone. A mixture of whole Bunch and de-stemmed fruits all thrown into a rolling ferment over 3 weeks. It’s been pressed slowly in a basket press and it finished its fermentation in seasoned French oak for exactly 1 year. I blended it and bottled it without sulfur / manipulation The name MAAR is use in geological dialect and means crater which for me represented what this rolling ferment was at a time when I was throwing whichever grapes I could find to keep the fermentation going.

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