2019 Blood Moon Sang es Etoiles



Produced from sangiovese grapes bought off the Chalmers Vineyard in Heathcote.
There’s about 25% whole bunch in the mix of fermentation. Blood Moon Wines have some mojo, me feels. Good, interesting, diverse array of cuvees, from eccentric done well, through to more refined wines, such as this. Exciting, is the message. It has that feel of wine from a warm place, picked early, a kind of sweetness but also light greenery, slightly off-kilter. That being said, what hits the glass, then the palate, feels easy to like and drink. Warm, sweet spice, currants and plum scents, a touch of brambles. The palate shows off sweet-sour plumminess, some warmth of berry compote, peppery spice, some width and softness, then some good acidity, fresh-feeling, slight bitterness in a nice way finishes the wine. It’s a loose-knit, reasonably interesting sangiovese. Perhaps a chill suits it best to tighten it up some. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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