2018 Travis Tausend Sea Bass



Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from Hope Forest in the Adelaide Hills.
Notes from Travis:
Named after Sebastian Riffault who makes epic SB in Sancerre. I started making this wine in 2016 with botrytis affected berries. The Sauvignon Blanc is picked over the course of a month with 4 picks. 2 early picks from the top of the hill on the sandiest part for the vineyard and then 2 later picks from the lower part of the vineyard. The first two picks are fermented and aged in tank while the last picks are fermented in tank and aged in 220L barrels. The Semillon is picked on the same day as the second pick of the Sauvignon Blanc and co fermented with the Sauvignon. We feel as though the 2018 was the first year we started to get to grips with the vineyard and the ripening across quite a steep slope. The season was dry and there was no need to be concerned about botrytis, which is a flavour we wanted to move away from in 2018. The addition of the Semillon was to give drive and to offer a touch more grassy, earthiness to what was looking like a fairly fruity ferment, if my memory serves.

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