2018 Ruggabellus Efferus



Mataro focus.
Portions of fruit from around Barossa. Harmonised. “I love the wild, on-the-edge feel. Earthy too. I love earthy wines. It’s never fruity for me. It’s got substance, always”, says a thoughtful Abe Gibson, Ruggabellus’ winemaker and co-owner. Sappy, savoury red of depth of flavour but freshness, sour-sweet fruits, nutty notes, blood and iron filing tannins in the mix. Guttural fruit profile, grunty but sits on rails of fresh acidity and a weave of tannin. Tension here too. It’s a scruffy but very charismatic red. So much pleasure and interest. Benchmark stuff. Mike Bennie - The Wine Front

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